My Personal Skincare Testimony

I’ll be the first one to admit that I used to laugh at people that preached the effectiveness of all natural skincare products. Truthfully, the words that came to mind when talking to people that were on this all natural band wagon were “ignorant” and “crunchy.” Well,  I think I’ve become the latter. I guess it makes sense. We have resources that come straight from our beautiful mother, Earth that can tremendously change our bodies for the better. That’s what all natural skincare has done for my skin. Call it what you want. Fluff, you say? I truly don’t think so. I’ll tell you why. About 7 months ago, my gynecologist put me on a new birth control pill because my skin was suffering from some major congestion. Not only was I enduring some crazy hormonal imbalances, but I was also in the beginning stages of planning a wedding and adjusting to the idea that I marriage is FOREVER – or at least that’s the intent, right? So, being the crazy, neurotic, over-analyzing, hormonal female that I tend to be most times, I thought that these things were the culprit of my sudden “hormonal” acne. At the time, I was using all medical grade products on my face. I was using a system that seemed to be working exceptionally well for the last 5 years. My chin area was dryer than the Sahara Desert and the inflammation was starting to concern me. After seeing my dermatologist and applying the three topical creams and taking an oral antibiotic as well, I thought that I would start to see progress. Nope. None. It fact, my skin was worse than it had ever been. That’s when I decided to quit the medical stuff. I had been selling LimeLight products for over a year at this point I felt like I had nothing to lose. I threw out the topicals and antibiotics and I made the switch to the all natural crunchy skincare stuff. Y’all. This is not a sales gimmick. I was a skeptic that was willing to do anything and everything to clear up the madness. That’s exactly what the LimeLight products did. It’s been 4 months of using these products and my skin has never been better. My face feels cleaner, tighter, brighter, and smoother than ever before. I’m pleased. My skin is healthy. I still have my crazy, neurotic, over analytical, hormonal, emotional days, but those days will come and go. I’ve accepted that I’m just a little cray.

The moral of the story is this… I feel lucky that I have found a product that I can count on to clean my skin without using harsh chemicals that I can’t pronounce. That’s something that I can get onboard with! If you’re a skeptic, I’d like to help change your mind.


The picture attached to this blog post is just one month after using LimeLight by Alcone’s Dream Clean cleansing gel, One Drop Wonder and Skin Therapist Moisturizer.

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