First things first…education!

I often see clients that have zero clues about what their skin needs. Most of the time, those clients start off by saying, “Erin, I’m (however years old) and I’ve been doing the same skin care routine my entire life, because it’s what my mom did and it’s what her mom did too.” I usually laugh right away, because I find it funny that we are so easily shaped by what we see our mothers doing. Prior to me educating my mom on skincare, I remember watching her remove her makeup with baby oil, cleansing her face with Oil of Olay Cream Wash, and moisturizing with Pond’s Cold Cream. Naturally, I followed her lead. We all do it. Sometimes, it just takes educating yourself with the proper information. There are three things to know about your skin in order to create a beneficial skincare regimen customized to you. Those three things are: 1.) What is your skin type? Oily, Dry, or Combination. 2.) Is your skin Sensitive or Reactive? 3.) Do you have any skin allergies. These are the three things that I base any of my recommendations off of. I also find out what my clients are using at home incase they are counterproductive! Once I gather this information and take a good look at their skin under my magnifying lamp, I can then give my honest and best opinion on what products to use. So, if you’re one of those that is still doing the same routine since high school just because Mama always did it, it’s probably time you come and pay me a visit!

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