New Year, New Skin

You may be one of those that is super stoked to start over in 2018. Last year might be one of those years that you just want to forget about. Or, maybe not. Maybe you checked off several items of your bucket list in 2017 and conquered challenges that forced you to grow along the way. Maybe, you’re saying “Thank you” to 2017!  Regardless of how you feel about the inevitability of another year, it’s the perfect time to start fresh with your skin and complexion. If there is anything I’m excited for in 2018, it is that! Oh, and maybe the fact that I’m getting MARRIED too! Truthfully, I’ve become very lazy over the last 5 months with my skin. I wasn’t consistent in my routine and I know for a fact that I wasn’t treating my body right from the inside and the results have definitely shown on the outside. I’m not one for resolutions because if I am being 100% transparent with you, I just don’t follow through with them. I get excited for about a month and then the excitement goes out the window and I’m back to my old habits. I commend all those that truly follow through with their resolutions. This year, I’m getting serious with my resolutions. It may sound silly, but I am centering my goals for this new year around my skin. Sounds vain, doesn’t it? For me, I feel my best when I look my best. It goes hand in hand. When I’m taking care of myself physically, eating clean, and drinking enough water my body is happy. When I stay consistent with my routines, my head space is clear. When I’m staying busy and productive, my heart is fulfilled. All of these things are important for skin health as well. Our skin can be very reactionary. When things go awry, our skin is typically the first place to show it. Stressful circumstances and emotional experiences tend to cause harm to our skin creating signs of aging and even infections in the tissues which turn into acne. There are many ways to combat the reactionary effects that our skin displays, but I believe that skin health is so much deeper than that. That is why I’m committing to taking proper care of my body, mind, and soul. Call it a resolution or a phase, but all I can do is try! I challenge you to do the same. This past November, my skin was acting extremely reactionary. I’ve never had issues with my skin. I’m an Esthetician for heaven’s sake! It became uncontrollable and I decided to seek medical help. I was put on several oral medications as well as three topical creams on top of washing and toning my face every AM and PM. As I look back on that experience, I realize how big of a wake up call this was for me. My skin is still not in the best shape it could be in, but it’s getting there. I’m excited to see the transformation in my skin as I start to make my health my number one priority. Cheers to you, 2018!

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