Smell Ya Later, Eyelash Curler!

I’m superrrrr pumped to now offer the lovely service of ‘Eyelash Lifting!’ This treatment is everything, y’all! I can’t get over how easy and painless it is, and not to mention it’s quite relaxing. So here’s the rundown….

Basically, Lash Lifting is the new take on the ‘Old Fashioned’ lash perm. I take these tiny silicone rods and I place them on the tops of the lids right above the lash line. A gentle adhesive is used to assure adherence. Then I take that same adhesive and paint a generous coat of it on the tops of the rods. Next, I use a small utensil to gently comb the lashes upward onto the silicone rod. The lashes will stick to the rod because of the adhesive. Once the lashes are all combed upward and are stuck to the rod, I then use the same tiny instrument to separate the lashes to achieve the desired lash placement. Now, it’s time for the fun part! I then apply the lash lifting lotion to the lashes on the rod. I let this sit for about 6-7 minutes. It can vary from client to client depending on the strength and curl of their natural lashes. Once those 7 minutes are over, I gently remove the lifting lotion with a wet cotton tip. The next step is to apply the neutralizing solution to the lashes for which sits on the lashes for another 5-7 minutes. Once that is removed and after I remove the rods and clean up the lashes, I then reveal the beautiful creation to the client! Voila! You can even add a tinting cream to the lashes right before the removal of the rods! This treatment is so easy and so worth it! It is only $75 and lasts up to 8-10 weeks! Come get your lashes lifted at The Skin Suite! Call today, 337-278-5932

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