Esthetician, Therapist, Friend, Confidant, Counselor, Sister in Christ

I’m going to be real transparent here. I realized today that I take my job for granted. I wake up every morning and I have my cup of joe, bowl of cereal, go to the gym, and then I see my clients when I get back home. I get to work from my spare bedroom that I’ve transformed into my little room of Utopia. It’s a quaint space where I help people look their best. Or at least I am on track to help them look their best. Not many people get to do what I do for a living and not many people can say what time they want to start work and what time they want to end work. Not many people can just peace out in the middle of the day to get their work out sesh on either. It’s awesome and I’m lucky. I need to practice more gratitude. However, these things are what make me love what I do. I had the pleasure of treating a new client today. I won’t mention her name because of confidentiality. What she told me during her short time visiting with me will forever resonate with me. I’ll get to that in a minute, but I’ll first preface her comment by setting the tone of our conversation for you. For some reason, we started talking about the Lord. I can’t remember why or how we even got on the spiritual topic, but it was such an emotional conversation that it almost had me sobbing in her face as I was hovering over her during the application of the chemical peel. We talked about how scary our world is becoming and how hard it is to trust people. We talked about how toxic judging others can be to one’s soul, but also how hard it is not to place judgment on people due to what we witness and experience in this corrupt world in which we live in.  We talked about the reality of the enemy and how badly he wants us to fail. We talked about the power of prayer and the importance of repenting. We talked about Christ’s beautiful gift of sacrifice that we can never re-pay him for. Lastly, we talked our God given good will and the ability to do the right thing and the amount of graces we receive when we choose him. Our conversation brought me back to yesterday’s homily at Mass. The priest talked about how so many of us just ‘talk the talk’ without ‘walking the walk.’ He preached about living out our faith and stop being ‘luke warm.’ I’m so guilty of being this type of believer. This treatment was only supposed to be 30 minutes tops, but our conversation lengthened the appointment and I was okay with it. Towards the end of her time with me, she told me that she believes that God sent her to me for a reason. She said that it was nice to just talk to someone about these things. I couldn’t agree with her more. It was refreshing to connect with someone on such a raw level. Initially, she came to me to brighten up her skin, but it turned into so much more than that. Today was the day that I realized that my career isn’t just to help people improve their outward appearance. I realized that not only am I a skincare professional, but I’m a sound board for people as well and that is my favorite part of my job!

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