The Skin Suite

Ahhh! The day is finally here! I’ve been holding in the excitement for a little over three months now. For about 7 months or so, I’ve been racking my brain of the different names that would reflect my business. I knew that I didn’t want to settle for just anything. They say that patience isa virtue and boy, I surely can attest to that. I would sit down with friends and family and we would all spit out names over and over again just hoping that one would stick. Nothing. Nada. Nope. How frustrating is that?! So, for the first 7 months of my business, I used my LLC name (Esthetics by Erin.) Bored is an overstatement, but I thought that maybe being conspicuous was a good thing. After almost giving up on a name, it finally came to me. Are any of you the person that thinks of your future children’s names and it sticks for a couple of weeks, but then you eventually end up hating it? Or the impulsive cycle of attempting a diet only to end up giving in to that entire pizza you ate last night? That is me. I am the world’s BIGGEST impulsive decision maker. I get super excited about things (all the time) and then the interest slowly dies off….but wait. Here comes another exciting thing….ahhh! and that vicious cycle continues. I’m like that with clothes too. That’s the worst. Like why would I think that denim parachute pants would look good on me? Now those damn $80 pants are just collecting dust in my closet. The moral of this story is that naming my business was worth the 7 month struggle of impulsive ideas that tickled my fancy for 2.5 days at a time. So, I’m here to announce that the Skin Suite is alive and well and I couldn’t be more thrilled or relieved! When this name was just an idea I couldn’t seem to get it off my mind. It made so much sense and was the perfect representation of my sweet little business that will someday be a sweet big business. The Skin Suite is exactly what it says it is, and that my friends is why I love it. So, whether you need your face pampered, scraped, brightened, peeled; your lashes darkened, curled, lifted; your brows shaped, plucked, waxed, trimmed, colored; or maybe you just want the perfect shade of eye shadow and blush…You can have it all at The Skin Suite.

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