Why I Joined a Direct Sales Pyramid Scheme

Let’s all be honest here, Pyramid Schemes have a bad rap. I think there are many reasons as to why this is so, but here is my effort in explaining my personal opinion of why the connotation is so negative. Have you ever been hassled by someone who sends you an extremely long Facebook message stating how this person has had such incredible success with whichever direct sales company they belong to and how they wanted to share this success with you? But, instead of it being truly sincere, it seems extremely corporate and over done? Like almost as if you would just be another number to them? Well, I’ll admit that I’ve received so many of those messages over the last few years and when I receive one nowadays, I don’t even read it. If I had to guess, I think many people feel the same exact way. So, you must be asking yourself…Well, why does Erin belong to a direct sales company (LimeLight by Alcone) if she’s bad mouthing the poor etiquette of other sales people? The truth is, I’m not bad mouthing them.  I really just want them to realize that there are much better and more efficient ways that you can approach a person. That is why I love LimeLight by Alcone. I was never approached by anyone in a forceful or overbearing way. In fact, I believe I was the one who contacted my (now) director to learn more about the  company. My director says it best.. “Your vibe should attract your tribe” and I couldn’t agree more. It’s refreshing to know that this company is successful because of the products and the value that they hold, rather than the pushiness of their sales teams. I admit, I’ve even sent out a couple of messages to a few people who I know would kill it with this company. Typically, it’s a makeup artist, or someone who has a clientele in the beauty industry, but I’m always trying to stay conscious of what I say and how I say it. The last thing I want my potential business partners to feel is like just another number. So, that’s why I love LimeLight! They care about their Beauty Guides. They incentivize us and create goals for us to work towards. The founders of the company send out hand written letters to us, rewarding us for our good work. Every month, they send out announcements with who was promoted that month and who achieved their goals! It doesn’t feel like a corporation. It feels like a family, and that’s what I love most! So, if you feel compelled to learn more about this wonderful company filled with other women just like me, then shoot me a message. I’d love to tell ya more!


Until next time, beauty lovers…


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