Chemical Peels Don’t Have to Be Scary

When you hear the word ‘chemical,’ you immediately think of the word ‘harsh’ or at least I do. And yes, there are many chemical peels on the market that are harsh and extremely exfoliating. I do have experience applying those types of peels on patients and I have seen the amount of peeling that those peels create. They definitely require you to plan accordingly and take time off of work if you need to. Here’s the good news though. Chemical peels don’t have to be harsh. They can actually be pretty mild and require no down time. That’s right! You can even do them on your lunch break and return back to work in no time. These mild peels that I am talking about are the kind that I offer in my esthetics practice. Unlike those harsh peels that are sometimes 70% acid and higher, mine are only 20%-30%. These peels are ideal if you just want that glow and radiance. Maybe you’re in a wedding soon and you’re looking for a little bit of an added glow! These peels would be a great choice for you! Whether you have more oily or acneic skin, or have normal skin that just needs a little bit of brightening… I can take care of you! Don’t miss out on the special that I’m running throughout February. Buy 2 chemical peels and get a FREE Dermaplane treatment. These are the perfect treatments to do in time for Mardi Gras! Call today to book your appointment! You won’t regret it. 337-278-5932

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